Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tonight's EPIC Season Finale Lineup

Happy Thursday My Friends,

An exciting night indeed with a majority of my favorite shows ending tonight!  The excitement is running through my veins and I can hardly control it!  I am ready for it all and can't wait for this day to end!

Tonight is a sad night as we say good-bye to The Office, a comedic staple in our Thursday night line-up, that for 9 seasons was able to help fill the void Friends left when it ended!  Check out the two hour series finale at 5pm EST / 8pm PST on NBC

Tonight's season finale is going to be one for the books.  We continue with repercussions of the lifted veil and the elusive 'cure'! It's graduation day in Mystic Falls and these graduates are surrounded by ghosts running around settling old scores, now that Bonnie is dead will the veil be fixed?  Who will find and take the cure?  Will Elena finally choose which Salvatore brother she wants to be with?  And what about Katherine, is she here to stay or will Elena get her final revenge?  You don't want to miss this epic Season Finale tonight at 5pm EST / 8pm PST on the CW.

The Season Finale of Beauty and The Beast will not disappoint as we learn more about Cat's family and their past, Vincent faces his demise while Gabe goes to extreme lengths to find answers, tonight's cliffhanger will leave you wondering all summer who will be back and who won't be!  Catch the season finale tonight at 6pm EST / 9pm PST on The CW

I haven't been following this show, as you can see I already have a lot on my plate, but the season finale looks so good, I am going to catch up this summer, just in time for the fall season.  Tonight on the two hour season finale Sherlock is reeling from the reappearance of his former lover, Irene, causing a series of flashbacks unravelling the tumultuous events that let to his downfall into addiction.  Meanwhile, Sherlock and Joan once again find themselves in the cross-hairs of the enigmatic Moriarty.  Don't miss it tonight at 6pm EST / 9pm PST on CBS.

Tonight's season finale will not disappoint as this all-star cast ends season 6 with us in stitches, I'm sure of it!  Tonight Leonard is offered an opportunity to work abroad for the summer which throw Penny through a loop and brings Sheldon to jealousy.  Meanwhile, Raj tries to move his 'relationship' in a new direction by introducing Lucy to his friends but fears she may not like them!  Can't wait to watch it at 5pm EST / 8pm PST on CBS

Part 2 of the two-part season finale of Grey's Anatomy wraps up tonight.  I have been waiting to watch this with my friend! So I apologize for no synopsis for you as I want it to be a surprise!  I don't have doubt in my mind that it will be heart pounding and stressful all wrapped in one bringing season 9 to a close!  Watch it tonight at 6pm EST / 9pm PST on ABC
Last but NOT least SCANDAL.  The hottest hit drama to hit ABC's Thursday night line-up.  This show, twists and turns more than a roller coaster.  One minute you think you have the answer and the next you're completley wrong!  Tonight we will hopefully find out the true face of the mole.  Will Olivia and Fitz become a couple in public?  The possibilities are endless when it comes to this show!  You don't want to miss it tonight at 7pm EST / 10pm PST on ABC

Happy Watching My Friends!

xoxo Oh So Lindsay

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