Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Take a Night Off Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Since there isn't much on I encourage you all to go out and enjoy a cheap movie or the fresh air!  I will be out there winning at baseball!

If you have decided to have a relaxing evening in, tonight's line up consists of:

Season PREMIERE of So You Think You Can Dance at 5pm EST / 8pm PST on FOX... I can't wait to see Mary's style for the season!
Followed by the:
Season Finale of New Girl at 6pm EST / 9pm PST on Fox
Season Finale of The Mindy Project 6:30pm EST / 9:30pm PST on Fox

Tonight is a good night to catch up on your PVR or catch the 2010 romantic comedy Leap Year 5pm EST / 8pm PST on The CW.

Enjoy your evening!

xoxo Oh So Lindsay

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