Thursday, May 23, 2013

'Save Me' From This 'Blue' Thursday!

Happy Thursday My Friends!

That's right an all new season of 'Rookie Blue' starts tonight!  With an extra added bonus of the series premiere of 'Save Me' staring Anne Heche.  So settle into the comfiest spot in your house, grab yourself a snack, mine will be some delicious surf sweets gummy bears from my tasty Foodee snack box, an healthy organic snack and get ready for a GREAT night of new shows!

Tonight we have new show starting!  Save Me on NBC.  This show stars Anne Heche, whom I love from 'Men In Trees'; I feel this show is going to be right up her alley as it seems like a character she can play very well!
The premise of this show is about a awful, rage-filled, narcissistic housewife (Anne Heche) who wants to murder her cheating husband in his sleep, her teen daughter despises her and the neighbors cringe when she tries to join them for lunch.  After drunkenly choking on a submarine sandwich, she comes to a changed women and realizes she has a direct line to god!  Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty of sorts, this show could be promising, hitting the viewers at just the right time to be successful.  Can this housewife prove to everyone she's changed?  Find out tonight with back-to-back episodes of this series premiere starting at 5pm EST / 8pm PST on NBC.

Entering into its fourth season, this summer-time police hit 'Rookie Blue' centers around a squad of young police officers learning the ropes of how things work when you're a 'real' police officer and now feeling comfortable with their ranking in the squad, no longer Rookie's in a sense.  Last season definitely left us hanging, as Andy and Sam were FINALLY ready to be together after three seasons of things getting in the way, but taken away when Andy and Nick got offered an undercover job on a covert task force making them leave with no word to Sam or Gail.
We start tonight off  with Andy and Nick immersed in their undercover job and how it affects the people in their lives upon their return.  Mostly welcomed back by their colleagues, these two have a lot to deal with as Sam has moved on and Gail is furious and jealous of the situation.  With everyone in a different place, Chris with a Kid, Traci without a fiance, Oliver with a strained home life and Dov still reeling from killing a child, this season will not disappoint!  It all starts tonight at 7pm EST / 10pm PST on ABC and Global
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Hell's Kitchen has MOVED to Thursdays!  An all new episode starts tonight at 5pm EST / 8pm PST on FOX Followed by....

A new reality series Does Someone Have To Go?
Admit it: You think you're smarter than your boss. Your workplace is a total mess and only you know how to fix it. 'Don' gets paid too much and he's always showing up late. 'Jen' deserves a promotion because she does all the work, but no one notices her. And the only reason 'Debbie' from accounting still has a job is because her best friend is the boss' wife.
An interesting new series that takes an ordinary workplace with a ton of prblems and gives the power to the employees.  A Survivor meets The Office tune in tonight to see the ugly side of things when people vent their true feelings.
Series Premiere starts at 6pm EST / 9pm PST on FOX

Happy Watching and see you on Twitter!

xoxo Lindsay

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