Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Season Finale Sunday

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Did we all survive Sunday's night of finales and Mother's Day?! With three hours of Survivor and two hours of Revenge, two hours of Long Island Medium and two hours of Celebrity Apprentice it was time for me to go to bed, and save Once Upon a Time for Monday night!


This was a very good two hour finale so many twists and turns keeping you glued to the TV screen not to miss a beat.  This episode circled around the revenge that both Jack and Emily have on the Graysons and the secrets they continue to find out.  Emily's three season struggle with bringing the Graysons down still hasn't ended and Jacks has only begun.

This episode a cyber attack has taken over New York city creating chaos and uncertainty.  What we later find out is that Conrad was behind it and he shows his true colours by having a bomb planted at Grayson global to kill Jack but what he doesn't anticipate, and it isn't explained too well, is that its Decklan that gets injured in the blast.  Succumbing to his injuries later on in the hospital.  Shocker? I'd say so! What will Charlotte do now that shes pregnant and alone?  What will Conrad's repercussions be now that Daniel knows he set it all up and what will Victoria do now that she knows her husbands biggest demon? Being apart of the 'initiative'?

Meanwhile, Nolan and Emily try and stop the 'initiative' and Jack from killing Conrad and ruining their futures.  Aidan gets arrested for the cyber attack and bombings at Grayson global to which Daniel believes to be true as this is before he is aware of his fathers actions.  After a chat with the authorities Aidan is freed and heads straight to Emily's and so does Daniel.  Still defending Grayson Global Daniel fights with Aidan and we see Daniel fall and find Emily's gun.  Cut to Daniel walking into Conrad's victory party with blood on his sleeve leaving us wondering if Aidan is alive or dead.  As Conrad's speech looms Emily and Nolan frantically search for Jack as he is there to kill Conrad, little does Emily know she is on her own as Nolan is being arrested and accused for leading the initiative.

The season ends with Patrick, Victoria's illegitimate son, showing up at Victoria's door, face unknown.  AND, the biggest and BEST twist of the season: Emily FINALLY confessing to Jack that she is the true Amanda Clarke!  SHOCKKKKERRRR!!!!!  I couldn't believe it! What does this mean for them? For their plans?  Will they work together to bring down the Graysons? Will he accept her?  This is going to be a long summer since there are four months to wait until season 5 begins!


Sunday night was a two hour season finale followed by the one hour reunion show.  The opening credits had barely finished rolling before we saw Erik keeled over in pain and doctors telling him he must be pulled from the game, leaving the final five down to the final four in the first five minutes. To get that far and leave because of a medical emergency is heartbreaking.  The next morning the final four woke up to tree mail and were thrilled that it's a reward challenge!  A nice boost to help them get to the end!  Cochran wins the ultimate reward, an advantage in the final immunity challenge.  The final immunity challenge comes with a puzzle and Cochran's advantage is that he does not have to untie his puzzle pieces   A HUGE advantage at this point in the game!  Which allows Cochran to win the crucial final immunity challenge.  Cochran found it best for himself to get rid of Eddie since he made no enemies throughout the game, had many fans on the jury and potentially the only one who could beat him!  This left the final three to Dawn, Sherri and Cochran.


After a grueling final tribal council where the jury was to ask each of the finalists questions (insults) as to why they deserve to win, we fly back to the U.S. with Jeff to see who the winner is!

And the winner is....... Cochran, with a unanimous vote he wins the million dollar prize and title of ultimate survivor.  Being a fan for over half his life, his dream has come true!


At the end of the reunion they showed a small clip and revealed their next season starting in September; Blood vs Water.. What do you think that means?  I took to the twitter feeds and noticed a lot of people saying blood is thicker than water and that maybe its a family team vs strangers!  Only time will tell!


As I couldn't watch this until last night it is still fresh in my mind. A lot was revealed but a lot left us puzzled and wondering what will come in the future.  Last night we watched as Tamra and Greg along with Hook activated the black diamond to destroy Storybrooke and all the magic within it.  Hook however, wavered back and fourth all episode being good and evil and in the end good prevailed!  We also saw the relationship Hook had with Bae/Neal when Baelfire was a boy and the Lost Boys were in hot pursuit of him, realizing that he was Rumpelstiltskin's son and the son of the women he loved and lost.

Meanwhile, Emma and Regina were able to stop the diamond together from destroying Storybrooke but during this Greg and Tamara stole Henry and used a magic bean to jump through a portal.  Panic set in for Mary Margaret (Snow White), David (the Prince), Emma (their daughter), Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) and Regina (the Evil Queen) to find Henry without any magic beans.   It is then that we are shown Peter Pan's Lost Boys have been searching for Henry, not Baelfire as we were led to believe and that Greg and Tamara have caught wind of this and why they took him through the portal.  Just as all hope is lost for Mary Margaret, David, Emma, Regina and Mr. Gold, Hook's conscious brings him back and together the six of them use the magic bean to create a portal in the water to sail into to find Henry.  And it ends.  Will the royal family be able to find Henry in time?  Will Regina become a good person?  What is Hook's ulterior Motive?  Will Baelfire be alive?  Well, we have four months to ponder all these questions.

This show has become such a hit they have created a spin-off series debuting this fall "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" featuring Sofie Lowe as Alice.  If you don't watch this series I highly recommend catching up over the summer, you can expect the unexpected here!

Check back each day for Season Finale reviews!

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