Monday, May 13, 2013

Season Finales of Make Me Laugh Monday

Happy Monday My Friends,

I hope you broke out the rubber boots and rain jackets for some of this West-coast torrential down pour today!  This weather makes it a perfect night to make your favorite cup of tea and settle into your favorite comfy place and get ready to laugh the night away!

How I Met Your Mother  New SEASON FINALE, 5pm EST / 8pm PST on CBS
2 Broke Girls New SEASON FINALE, 6pm EST / 9pm PST on CBS
Mike and Molly New 630pm EST / 930pm PST on CBS

Get your tissues ready, Long Island Medium is on repeat tonight from 5-7pm PST on TLC, If you didn't catch it last night, you won't want to miss it tonight!

New The Voice,  at 5pm EST / 8pm PST on NBC
New Dancing With the Stars starts at 5pm EST / 8pm PST on ABC

Revolution New at 7pm EST / 10pm PST on NBC
Season Finale of Castle New at 7pm EST / 10pm PST on ABC

Two New episodes of the Real Housewives Of Orange County at 6-8pm on Slice

Tonight is an end to another 90210 era, not as heartbreaking as the first time around but none the less tonight is the SERIES FINALE of 90210 at 6-8pm EST / 9-11pm PST on The CW

Check back tomorrow morning for my finale review on Survivor, Revenge and Once Upon A Time!

Happy Watching My Friends,

xoxo Oh So Lindsay

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