Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Friday - Big Brother Canada Shockers & More!

Hello My Friends and Happy Friday!

For most of us our weekend starts after today! So cheers to the weekend!

Holy Hannah, last nights Big Brother Canada was one for the books. Followed by an intense Greys Anatomy and Scandal, my blood pressure was at an all time high lol!

First lets start with Big Brother Canada

And the winner is..... JILLIAN MACLAUGHLIN

BUT, the biggest shocker award in Big Brother History goes to Topaz Brady, for casting the wrong vote, after it was explained to her.  Come on Topaz, if Talla can understand and get the voting right (<3 u  Talla) then there is no excuse for Topaz.

Starting from the beginning of the night, watching Gary win the final HoH was shocker number one for me!!!  Shocker number two, he chose to keep Jillian... I mean it was a toss up for sure as he only had a 50/50 chance (duh) against either of them!  But I thought for sure he would take Emmett.  And three, and this is a Big Brother FIRST, TOPAZ!!! Enough said.
For those of you who don't follow, Topaz created drama last night when she fought her vote saying she voted for Gary not Jillian and that someone switched it.  I thought initially it was scripted but after she kept fighting it on live TV Big Brother Canada went to an an impromptu commercial and upon returning, showed footage of Topaz grabbing Jillian's name and inserting it into the slot to vote.  COSTING, Gary the title of Big Brother Canada winner and the $100,000 prize!  With this snafu the votes were 4-3 in favor of Jillian the first ever Big Brother Canada winner!  Congratulations Jillian you deserved it!!! 
Twitter was exploding with Topazes mistake, she is going to need to go into hiding as Gary fans all over will be upset with her!!  Hopefully she learns to read properly.

I am hoping we will see updates through twitter and the news/tabloids of all the Big Brother Canada contestants and what their lives are like now!

Don't miss the season premiere of Big Brother 15 on June 26th!!

Greys Anatomy

After the shocker of Big Brother Canada, I dove right into Grey's anatomy!  And boy oh boy, maybe I should have taken a break.  Another great episode, I am super interested in what the two part season finale brings as Grey's always has epic cliffhangers. 
Last night we saw Bailey shut everyone out and focus on her mistake, checking every minute to if she is still infected.  Owen's love for kids has developed as he has taken an interest in Ethan who is basically orphaned.  Will this story line develop into Christina and Owen adopting Ethan, changing Christina's belief and want of children?  Alex's relationship with Jo is on the rocks because of his jealousy and opening his big mouth, but as the show ended and as I gasped, we saw Jo asking Alex to stay with him as her new boyfriend beat her.  Will Alex go ballistic on him? Yep, next week's episode will not disappoint. 
Through the tribes and tribulations of this past year with Arizona and Kallie, will Arizona cheat on Kalie with the hot new craniofacial specialist?  Will she be a new character staying on this show?  And last but not least, Meredeth and Derek, as this pregnancy has left doubts in Meredeth's mind, she has lost babies before and is worried about the Alzheimer's gene, they show Derek showing 'concern' as he wears a princess crown and says what if this little boy is mean to Zola lol.  Next week we see Meredith slip and fall down the stairs, will her baby be okay?  Tune in next week for the first of the two-part season finale at next Thursday 6pm EST / 9pm PST on ABC.

Last, but not least, I ended my night with Scandal:

This show moves really quickly leaving you watching an episode more than once to make sure you took everything in!  As the search for the mole and Huck's attacker continues, the team finds out that this may just be one in the same; Cyrus.  They quickly uncover Charlie, Huck's trainer, is Cyrus' hit man and was the one who killed Amanda Tanner leaving Huck to begin to fear Olivia may be next, since she is the President's girl.  With all this coming to light Mellie threatens to expose Fitz's extra marital affair with Olivia Pope.  Olivia and Fitz fight and she tells him he has to earn her and that is exactly what he does.  When Mellie's deadline looms, Fitz comes to Olivia's apartment and sits and waits for it to end leaving Mellie to follow through and tell, on live national television, of Fitz's affair unbenownst to him as he is making love to Olivia. 
Next week's episode should sure as heck knock your socks off as the May 16th season finale grows nearer and nearer.  Tune in next Thursday to see the ramifications of Mellie's public announcement at 7pm EST / 10pm PST on ABC.
The sun will be shining all weekend go outside and enjoy!  Have a great weekend!
xoxo Oh So Lindsay

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