Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Goodwin Games

Happy Tuesday My Friends,

Monday for us Canadians, as yesterday was a holiday.  I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I was going through the schedule for the night and something new caught my eye.  The Goodwin Games.  Not knowing what it was about I pvr'd it and headed out to baseball.   Upon my return, I got ready for bed and relaxed watching this new show staring Scott Foley and Beau Bridges.

I was surprised to see Scott Foley in this role, a talented actor who has gone from the famous Noel Crane on Felicity to Henry Burton on Grey's Anatomy to Jake Ballard on Scandal and now Henry Goodwin on The Goodwin Games, a character out of his normal realm of characters.  And he does well at it!

This show focuses around three grown kids, Henry (Scott Foley), Chloe (Becki Newton) and Jimmy (T.J. Miller) who have been estranged from their father and each other for years and are brought together when they each learn about their fathers death.  Upon his death they find out that they stand to gain the 23 million dollar trust he has saved up over the years for them, but with a hitch.  He has created a complicated plan of activities they have to do together in order to gain the inheritance, the first one being Trivial Pursuit Goodwin style, meaning all questions were about the three of them! The best part of this episode was Elijah, whom no one knew or why he was there but he was there to play the game!  After failing at finishing the first game each of them walked away with 50 dollars but not Elijah as he got 1 million dollars for his troubles making Henry yell at him again WHO ARE YOU?!

The first episode, as many pilots go, was o.k.  Not knowing the premise of this show I found it to be original and has very good potential with this cast. The brother Jimmy is my least favourite character, but I guess there always has to be one.

With only 6 episodes taped this show may not survive, but with all the shows going on summer break this show stands a chance.  I will give it the 3 episode try and see how it turns out!  Check it out every Monday night at 5:30pm EST / 8:30pm PST on FOX.

xoxo Lindsay

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