Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Survived Monday & Tuesday But Can You Survive(or) Big Brother Canada!

Happy Wednesday My Friends,

Today has finally come!  And it couldn't have come faster for all of us Big Brother Canada and Survivor fans.  Tried, tested and true, these two shows are always new on Wednesdays; something to look forward to each week!

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we have the Veto competition, will Andrew or Peter pull themselves off the block?  Will the East Coast alliance survive the fracture from the have-not competition on Sunday? Has Peter convinced Talla and Andrew to join forces?  Find out tonight at 6pm on Slice
@OhSoLindsay will be tweeting LIVE tonight at 6pm for Big Brother Canada; follow me for minute by minute tweets and answers to all these questions!

Tonight's Survivor is the ultimate shocker!  After 404 tribal councils this one will blow your socks off!  You don't want to miss it at 5pm EST/8pm PST on CBS
@OhSoLindsay will be tweeting LIVE tonight at 8pm PST for Survivor! Log on and follow me for minute by minute tweets!

Don't forget about an all New How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) at 630pm EST/930pm PST and the Season FINALE of Suburgatory at 5-6pm EST/8-9pm PST on ABC

Catch the talented Joel McHale of The Soup at 7pm PST on E!  or the Real World: Portland at 7pm on MTV

Last but not least for all you American Idol fans a New episode of the vocally talented is on tonight featuring the finalists competing at 5-7pm EST / 8-10pm PST on FOX.

We'll see you back here tomorrow for Thank Goodness it's Thursday!

Happy Watching!

xoxo L

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