Friday, April 12, 2013

Last Night's Big Brother Episode & New HoH Revealed!

Soooo Big Brother Canada fans... What did you think of last nights double eviction?!

I was shocked and sad to see Alec go, I thought for sure it would've been Topaz.  I am also on team Peter one hundred percent and with Alec leaving Peter's chances get slimmer and slimmer. 

Shockingly Emmett chose to put Talla and Topaz on the block leaving the nominations open to the Power of Veto and PETER WON!! Securing himself in the house another week and giving him another life to use wisely!  The show ended with them competing in 'fly the coop' for the HoH position. 

To keep anonymity highlight the black block below

I have it on good authority that Jillian  won. 

BUT, here's the saving grace.  Big Brother Canada is giving us Canadians the chance to vote someone who's been evicted to the jury house back in.  YES you did read me correctly.  SO please click on the link and vote for your favorite to come back!  I am promoting Alec all the way to save PETER!!!!!!!!!! So if you don't have a preference, please vote for Alec!
Who will be the next person to 'fly the coop', find out Sunday at 6pm on Slice

Also, check out Oh So Lindsay this Sunday for a schedule of all the season finale's this spring!

Have a great weekend!

xoxo L

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