Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday Funday - Review

Hi My Friends,

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Well Sunday Funday has passed and we are now onto Make Me Laugh Monday!  Although there were some repeats last night it was still a good night for entertaining television.

I started my evening off watching and tweeting @ohsolindsay Big Brother Canada:

Tonight's episode showed us the conclusion of the HoH competition with Jillian winning which I am not opposed to, but was hoping Peter would win this one.  With Emmett safe for sure, we watched as Talla grew angry as she continued to fail at all tasks, I love the girl but if she can't win a competition then she should only be mad at herself.  After playing the poor me card Jillian decided to put up Andrew and Peter; Peter being the target this week!  I really enjoyed how they showed Andrew and Talla becoming besties, it was nice to see.  And the ten minutes of Emmett and Jillian kissing, priceless.  Their parents must've been at their proudest moment watching that!
I must admit, being a Peter fan, I don't think he has played the smartest game he could have.  He's had ample opportunities to turn the game around in his favor.  So if he goes on Thursday, it's rightfully so.

Don't forget my friends, you still have tomorrow at midnight to vote for a Jury member to come back into the house.  Will it be AJ or Gary? Two new besties.  Or possibly Alec or Topaz? Old showmancers?

After walking the dogs and cleaning I sat down to watch Celebrity Apprentice:

Australian Gold was the focus of this episode as each team had to come up with a 60 second silent film promoting one of the best tanning lotions in the world!  Project managers; the always funny Gary Busey and the always miserable Trace Atkins.  Both with VERY creative ideas, leaving the judges stumped on whose was better.  What it came down to was product promotion and Australian Gold felt Trace's product placement was better therefore giving the win to Trace and $40,000 to the American Red Cross!
Gary then decided to bring back Penn and Stephen.  During their conversation Gary confessed Penn is his very good friend and should not be in the boardroom to which Donald agreed and excused him from the boardroom.  Elated Penn ran, just incase it was a mistake; leaving Stephen and Gary to duke it out.  At the end of the day Donald fired Stephen as it is the responsibility of the director to include and decide on product placement!
Stay tuned for next week's episode where Gary Busey offends the client at 6-8pm EST / 9-11pm PST on NBC

After crawling into bed under my beautiful, yet cozy Georgina Bedding from Anthropologie I finished my night off with The Good Wife:

For weeks now they have been showing Alicia's internal conflict with her love for Will and devotion to Peter.  Tonight's episode was no exception.  With Will and Alicia working together on a young girls case of rape, they were able to spend more time together and Alicia was able to see Will in many of his charming facets.  As the episode continued we come to find that Cary is planning on leaving the law firm and starting his own practice with all the fourth year associates, which before Alicia was partner, was their plan, to which he asks her to join!  She said it's something she has to think about, rightfully so!  Diane who will be running for Supreme Court Justice if Peter is elected, met with Chief Justice Ryvlan who informed her that unless she cuts ties with Will her chances of becoming Justice is very slim, as he is seen as scum due to his past suspension.  Diane's conflict continues when the partners at her firm find out about her plans on running and feel that she is abandoning the firm just as it's getting back on it's feet. 


With Peter's election coming up, Alicia will be forced to make a decision. Will she go backward and stand by her estranged husband? Or, move forward with the man that she currently loves?
Tune in next Sunday at 6pm EST / 9pm PST on CBS

Catch Make Me Laugh Monday in the next few hours!  And a special blog dedicated to all the may sweeps/season finales!

Have a great Monday my friends

xoxo L

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