Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big Brother Past, Present & Future

Hi my friends,

It's been awhile since I have done a Big Brother Canada blog but its never to late!  So many things have happened over the past two weeks!! Double eviction, surprise eviction, secrets revealed.  All of which have been compelling and Team Peter is still alive and kicking in the Big Brother House.

It all started a few weeks ago when Gary put Tom and Liza on the block and with the double eviction they were both voted out of the Big Brother Canada house.  My favorite player, Peter, left some jaw dropping goodbye messages for Tom and Liza.
Tom you are amazing.....ly awful at this game, you are impulsive and irrational and even though stupid is curable ignorance is forever.  Don't worry about Liza, I'll keep her warm.
'Liza you are the only person i could be myself with,  its a shame you didn't pick brains over brawn because now your gone!' 
One of the wittiest people on television, unscripted to boot!  It takes me an hour to come up with one liners or comebacks and by that time its too late lol.

The next HoH is won by Alec, who chooses to nominate AJ and Suzette, with AJ being the pawn.  As Suzette begins to become more and more annoying, third person talker AJ starts to grow on me.  Neither of them win power of veto and the nominations stay the same.  Alec manages to get Suzette voted out and AJ is safe.

We move onto this past Sunday's episode, where Topaz wins HoH and it is revealed it's surprise eviction night!  Topaz is sequestered in the HoH room with only five minutes to make a decision of who she wants to put up and with no input from her house mates. Unbeknownst to her she can be seen and heard through the television by all her house mates and she stupidly thinks OUTLOUD for everyone to hear.  Creating a bad situation as she reveals her real thoughts about everyone in the house.  When her five minutes is up she comes downstairs and nominates AJ and Andrew and with no veto competition, one of them will be leaving.  AJ is evicted from the Big Brother house and handles it with class!  When talking to Arisa he predicts Jillian will be the winner, do you agree?  I've discussed it with one of my friends and we both agree, now that he pointed it out she does actually have a good chance at winning the show.

Another HoH is held, it comes down to the wire between Talla and Andrew with Andrew winning... Hmmm I wonder who he will put up?!  Perhaps Topaz? After she revealed her true feelings about him!!  He also has the power to choose four people for slop.  Peter graciously takes one for the team bc he has not been on slop yet and Gary acts like someone killed his pet.  He cries and cries and CRIES! Talk about a food lover, for someone like myself, being on slop would be an awesome crash diet, for Gary I think some of his glitter died.  Andrew nominates Topaz (shocker) and Gary.

Who will win the power of Veto? Will Topaz or Gary be taken off the block?  Find out Wednesday night at 6pm on Slice.

Happy Big Brother Canada watching!

xoxo L

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