Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Shmunday

Why Hello My Friends,

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 

I would like to say CONGRATULTIONS to my friends Natasha and Tyler for getting hitched this weekend.  The rain held out and the sun peaked through the clouds for them!  Enjoy your honeymoon in Jamaica!!!

What is a Schmunday you ask?  It's when your having a blah day; tired, cranky, wanting the day to end and move into Tuesday and hoping to laugh your day away only to find out all your television shows are repeats!

Yes, that's exactly what Schmunday means to me; tired and waiting way too patiently for the day to end!  And with bad news....Tonight will not make you laugh your day away as the only thing new is The Voice and there are only two comedies on repeat.  BUT the good news is CBS has scheduled one of the repeats to be The Big Bang Theory, like Friends, it can be watched over and over and over again and not get old!

With this lack of entertainment, I will be taking full advantage of getting some household chores in and calling it an early evening!

What does schmunday mean to you?

Have a great night and see you all here tomorrow!  As a brand new show starts tomorrow!!

xoxo L

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