Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dukeing It Out With Little Miss Mama

Don't worry my friends,

We are not fighting, we are starting a new lifestyle called the Dukan Diet, please, don't let the word diet freak you out or come with any misconceptions, this is what we need to do to kick start our healthy lifestyle, it may not work for everyone but we know and feel it will for us. 
For those of you who follow Little Miss Mama you have seen the new lifestyle she has begun, all starting with the Dukan diet.  You may not know this little fact: Little Miss Mama and I have known each other since grade 3, so when my bestie text me to tell me her naturopath said she needed to lose 50lbs I said, with no hesitations: so will I!  (Actually the first thing I said was, 'Are you serious? I don't believe it' and then I said I'd do it with her)  That's right my friends, Little Miss Mama and I are going to lose FIFTY pounds, come hell or high water, we will get there. 
Doing something this big with a friend always makes it easier and in my opinion successful, especially with this girl.  She lets me be me and I let her be her, which brings comfort in knowing that we can both be hangry, irritable, cranky, bitchy, testy, sad and happy with each other and still have the support we need from each other at the end of the day! 

Be kind
Week 1:  Cleanse

We eased our bodies into this new diet/lifestyle by cutting out all out carbs meaning all breads, flours, and sugars and drinking 64 ounces a day of a cleansing drink for 7 days. 
This week started off easy peasy for me, I knew I could do this and then day 5 came and I could've killed for a chocolate bar or any sugar of any type, even just one little granule, but I stayed strong and was successful not cheating and with that hurdle I lost 5lbs!  FIVE POUNDS in one week, who would've thought, it was a very happy moment for me and gave me the drive to continue on with this new lifestyle.

Cleanse recipe :
64oz Water
1 Lemon | thinly sliced
1 Cucumber | peeled, sliced
1 to 2 tsp Gingers | grated
10 to 15 Mint Leaves
To optimize taste, steep the night before.

Be kind
Week 2: Attack

PLAN.PLAN.PLAN.  That's all I can say and my number one advice tip for the attack phase. Tairalyn and I spent one whole day, literally 12 hours, buying, making and prepping every single meal even snacks for our 10 day attack phase.  Thanks to Pinterest we were able to come up with some delicious and creative ideas for each meal. (check it out on interest here and here).  Out of all the choices available to us we made meatballs for days, burgers to feed a herd, stuffed chicken to feed a family of 20, Thai beef skewers to feed a whole ball team, Mongolian chicken and sesame chicken.  We also found some great 'dessert' recipes that have helped our sugar cravings; cheesecake cupcakes, yogurt drops and meringues.  I honestly believe this is the only thing that is helping me stay successful, because the first thing I do when I am starving is grab something quick and easy and for me it turns into one cheat, then another and then another and then here I am at 230 lbs.  So prep all your meals, each and every one and make some extra just in case you have an extra hungry day.

What does the attack phase consist of you ask?  High protein, basically only protein with non-fat milk and dairy, at least 3 liters of water a day to avoid overworking your kidneys and 20 minutes of light exercise a day!  Hard yes, can it be done? Yes.  It's been 5 days since we began the attack phase and I am doing okay, I am not craving sugar like the first week but definitely missing veggies and fruit.  I have noticed a definite decline in my hunger and I am not eating nearly as much as I did a week and a half ago.  Its been hard when the people around me are eating cookies, cakes and nachos, omg nachos would be delicious, but I will never make the 50 lb goal if I cheat now! 

I have also found a great blog to follow when I need to refresh my mind on the phases and what I can and can not have

Stay tuned for continued success from both myself and Little Miss Mama

Have a happy and healthy day my friends!

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  1. You ladies rock, and it's so awesome that you have each other to do this together. I need to kick my butt into gear. Last year I was under my goal weight and now I'm over it. Kick some butt!!