Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday Funday Review

Hi Everyone and Happy Monday!

Well I have caught up on most of the shows from last night.  Time for you to grab a cup of tea or coffee and settle into something comfy as this is going to be the longest post yet!

Amazing Race Sundays 5pm EST / 8pm PST

I LOVE this season, they truly chose an AMAZING cast for the 22nd season of Amazing Race.  It is so diverse and by far my most favorite season yet.  Yes of course my favorite team is the cancer survivors Father David and Son Connor.  I am an emotional person and these two pull at my heart strings every episode.  They have overcome such a huge obstacle in life and are playing this game with another one, Johns torn leg muscle but they are kicking butt!  Coming in first twice in a row.
In the first and second episodes I was happy to see the firefighters and the Dr's leave, both were un-entertaining.  But besides David and Conner, my other favorites are the You Tubers and the Asian Best Friends, as I am always routing for the underdogs.  Tonight they continued their trek from New Zealand to Bali, Indonesia.  Having monkeys opening coconuts at their leisure for clues, to having to create an elaborate religious offering know as a Gebogan and then take it to the temple for their next clue. At the road block each team had to look through a stack of surfboards and see one image that they had seen earlier that day.  David and Conner were able to beat the Best Friends and come in FIRST PLACE for the second time winning $5,000 each! 

I was happy to see the YouTubers and Best Friends doing well in this leg of the race and of course the Hillbilly Married Couple surviving, but I surprised to see the Hockey Players not doing as well as expected for tough guys.  But this game isnt just strength, its mind too.

Tonight Jessica Hoel and John Erck, the Surfers, were eliminated and became the first team ever eliminated on the mat while in possession of an express pass in Sunday night's episode.

Will David and Connor survive next week with the injury?  Catch the next new episode on Sunday March 17th

Big Brother Wednesday's 5pm EST/ 8pm PST, Thursdays Live 5pm EST / 8pm PST, Sundays 6pm
EST / 9pm PST

Tonight's episode brought out the laughter in me as the houseguests were punished.

Suzette started this episode crying because Tom was HoH and she knew she was being put up on the block because they don't see eye to eye and don't have a strong relationship together, which is true.  She really sealed her fate when she took it out on Aneal making herself look foolish.  This episode highlighted the fact that not just me, a viewer, but the players also think that Tom is arrogant and full of himself.  Although he had a barely heartwarming moment with his family pictures, it seemed all too fake for me.

Topaz, Topaz, Topaz, be careful what you say, little does she know that there is a 'Quattro' alliance to which they all share what they hear.  Her alliance with Gary could be good, but not with that name; 'Secret Wedding Alliance' come on a 2 year old could do better.

I quite enjoyed the activities all the house guests had to perform throughout the night as punishment for someone tampering with a camera.  Big Brother did not reveal who tampered with it and no one came clean in confession, so it's still a mystery.

THE BEST HAVE NOT PRIZE EVER IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY, POUTINE!!!!!!!!!!!  Some of you out there may not know what that is, so let me tell you; fresh cooked french fries topped with cheese curds (chunks of cheese) and covered with hot gravy.  The hot gravy helps melt the cheese into stringy goodness!  Making this and the beaver tails the best accompaniments to the slop in history.  My mouth is watering as I type this.

Before I leave you be I would also like to add that my favorite player in this game is Peter, he's smart and playing a very smart game.  I hope he continues to play this way and not growa big ego messing up his chances! GO PETER!

We leave this episode with Gary and Suzette being nominated for eviction.  Tune in on Wednesday to see who wins POV and who remains on the chopping block....

Once Upon A Time Sunday's 5pm EST 8pm PST

Primarily filmed in Steveston BC, this ABC hit features characters from our childhood fairy tales  and their present lives stuck in a world where they don't remember who they are and have no magic, Until one day Emma Swan aka the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming enters town and breaks the dark curse that has fallen over Storybrooke.

Already in it's second season, a show for all ages as more and more secrets are emerging and new discoveries are taking place.  This show never has a dull moment... check it out on Sunday nights and catch up on episodes online at

Believe me this is a good show to catch up on!!

The Good Wife Sunday's 6pm EST / 9pm PST

I began watching this show after the first season finished, catching up in the summer to be on track for the season two premiere.  Within the first episode this show had me hooked! The tale of the Wife of a Senator, Alicia Florick played by Julianna Margulies,  who starts off in jail for fraud and who publicly cheated on his wife with hookers.  The wife must now go back to work and move their kids from the home in order to pay for the bills, she goes back to being a lawyer at one of the most prestigious law firms, which happens to be owned by a former love.  Follow the tribes and tribulations of this show every Sunday night at 6pm.

Last night we saw Wallace Shawn, from Clueless, guest star as Charles, Lemond Bishops (drug dealer) long-time lawyer to help him try to win his losing criminal case for the murder of an employee.  Alicia suspects Charles is pulling moves like his client and threatening witnesses, but now that Alicia is a partner, she overlooks this piece of information.  Her moral compass is starting to wither away, now she’s backstabbing friends to get ahead in her career, overlooking witness tampering and kissing other men while supposedly working on her marriage.  And after a better part of two seasons Lockhart-Gardner is finally out of financial crisis and returning to its old spending ways; flowers, furniture, artwork, and pastries.  We see Kalinda and Cary grow closer together and are left wondering what happened the night before as we see them the next morning together.... 

Watch as the plot thickens this season leading up to an explosive season finale!

Revenge Sundays 6pm EST / 9pm PST

Due to time constraints I haven't had a chance to watch this yet, I will be watching it tonight and will have a review tomorrow.  But I will say this, I was starting to get really bored with this show and last weeks episode reeled me back in.  If you haven't figured it out yet, I am pretty a loyal viewer and continued to stick this one out to see if it would come back to its original glory and it has! Yaaay!

Last week we saw Nate Ryan on the boat of the newly weds Amanda and Jack as they celebrate their new marriage.  Nate, knowing Amanda is black mailing Conrad Grayson, is on the boat to kill them both, find the elusive computer and get his and Conrad's deal back on the table.  After a struggle and Amanda letting Jack float away for safety Emily rolls in and saves the day, sending Nolan back with Jack and leaving herself to help Amanda get off the boat.  After Amanda has struck open a gas leak, Nate lights his lighter and blows up the boat, ultimately killing Amanda, who dies in Emily's arms.  This episode opens up a window to Emily's sad soul as she is alone on the quickly deflating boat mourning her dead friend. 

What happened in last nights episode? Come back tomorrow when I will fill you all in!

The Red Widow Sundays 7pm EST / 10pm PST

Unfortunately my friends I was unable to catch up with this show, showing little interest in it as the first episode didn't capture my attention I promise to catch up this week and report back... stay tuned for my review.

Well my friends I hope you enjoyed my Sunday Funday review!  Come back again soon!

xoxo L


  1. My friend this is an amazingly thorough review! I am refreshing my mind with every part of it & you are welcome to query me if you wish :)

    xox always, O

  2. Nicely done Lindsay. I am up to date on shows that I don't even watch! Aunt Denise