Saturday, March 16, 2013

So Many Things to Watch Thursday - Review

Hi Friends,

Soooo what did we think of all the new episodes this past Thursday?  I was definitely glued to my top shows watching with enjoyment.

I started my Thursday night off laughing through the whole episode of Big Bang Theory, one of the better episodes of the season!  Which by the way, dominated in the ratings on Thursday.  I laughed at every turn in this episode and teared up when they told Howard what his father may have written in the letter.  Keep watching this show, its just like Friends and hopefully sticks around for a decade or more.

Next on my list, Greys Anatomy.  Tonight's episode was o.k. I know its not good for ratings, but I want everyone to be back to friends again and all working together.  Though I love them owning the hospital, I wish they could just own and that's it.  I do think incorporating Avery into the older generation of Dr's is great!  He is taking over the role Sloan would've had if he had continued on the show.  My favorite part of the show, as I am sure with many, was at the end when Avery stood his ground and revealed the new name of the hospital, The Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.  This of course turned the water works full on, the faucet was running.

I followed this with a dose of Big Brother Canada!  Which, with Gary, is always entertaining especially tonight when he was trying to exercise with the 'big boys' Emmett and Alec.  Tonight was saw the best twist in Big Brother history, including the American version, we saw Canada vote to save Suzette (Yay!)  I always root for the underdog and was happy to see Toms smugness wiped off his face.  With this, Suzette was taken off the block and Tom had to replace her with a new nominee, he chose Aneal.  With an 8-2 vote a shocked Aneal left the house.
Shortly after his eviction the house guests got ready for the HoH competition, where they had to stuff their legs with balls in a bee costume and fill up their hive-like track of balls, once it was full you won.  And tonight it was Emmett.  Guaranteeing, Alec, Jillian, Topaz, and Peter safety.  Stay tuned tomorrow night to see who Emmett chose as his nominees or if he was caught cheating and served his consequence!

And lastly, Vampire Diaries.  I had been waiting for this show to return for a few weeks now, as this is one of my guilty pleasures.  I watched this show with my mom, who has never seen it before, so of course the questions started to flow and as I explained the premise I felt a little silly, but don't worry my friends, I love this show and will not stop watching and updating you.
I must admit I was so happy when Elaina finally admitted she loved Damon and that they were going to be together but now they have turned her feelings off and shes not the same person.  This episode didn't wow me, so I leave only hoping that Caroline and Stephan get together.  You just never know with this show.  I am excited to see what happens next Thursday with her and Damon's 'rip' trip.

Come back tomorrow to see the latest on new spring shows, cancelled shows and the Sunday night line up.

xoxo L

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