Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Come Togetherrrrr Riiiiight Nowwwww Over Me

Good Morning My Friends,

What a great season premiere and it dominated in the ratings!  Usually when you replace the judges ratings fall but how could they when it was Skaira and Usher who stepped in!!

To start the show off all four judges sang the classic Beatles song "Come Together", you can bet that will be on iTunes soon!!  They did an amazing job and what a perfectly fitting song to start off the new season with new judges! Not being a huge Christina Aguilera fan I didn't miss her at all! 

The highlight of the blind auditions had to be Judith Hill.  Previously a duet singer with Michael Jackson; THE Michael Jackson!  She killed it last night with her rendition of 'What a Girl Wants' by Christina Aguilera.  All judges turned their chairs and fought, pleaded and begged to have her on their team but it was Adam Lavine who was victorious in winning this amazing talent.

The lowlight for me was the Morgan Twins, they sang 'Fallen' by Alicia Keys, they started off SO strong, snagging all four judges, but right after that I feel they disappointed throughout their song sounding off key and not hitting the notes quite right.  They chose Blake so I am hoping he can bring them to their potential.

The disappointment of the night was 15 year old Leah Lewis who sang 'Blown Away' by Carrie Underwood.  I thought she was amazing and sang that song beautifully, but the judges shockingly disagreed and none of them turned their chairs around.  Each Judge agreed she was great but needed some work on her voice and all encouraged her to come back next year!

And surprisingly James Irwin's rendition of The Scripts 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved' didn't make the cut.  His heartbreaking story of the loss of his baby girl twins and the amazing birth of his son was featured and usually when they show the heartbreaking story you're a shoe in; well they proved that theory to be false.

I was thinking though, I wonder if there was anyone from last night that the judges couldn't stop thinking about and one of the judges decides to bring them back?  It would be a good twist wouldn't it?  Who would you bring back?

THIS JUST IN: Cougar Town has been renewed for it's fifth season on TBS!  Thank -you Little Miss Mama for giving me the scoop!

Check out part 2 of the blind auditions tonight at 5pm EST / 8pm PST on NBC.

xoxo L

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