Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reality Letdown

Good evening my friends,

**Spoiler Alert** If you haven't watched Survivor or Big Brother Canada yet, don't read this! But when you do come right back here!


Tonight was definitely a lunch bag letdown on Survivor, the so called 'meltdown' was nothing more than Brandon acting like a child for attention.  Yes he poured out the rice and emptied all the beans but he didn't do it in a crazy manor he was trying to get under Phillips nerves.  But the former CIA agent didn't blink an eye.  As the fans got ready for an immunity challenge the favourites contemplated what their next move should be with Brandon, ultimately forfeiting the challenge and voting Brandon off, but not before Brandon got all riled up with some harsh words to Phillip. Some of the girls on the tribe, were sad to see him go, but in the end it's a blessing in disguise for this so called 'villain'.  Stay tuned next week as the favourites adjust to life without Brandon and see if the fans can actually win the immunity idol a second week in a row.

Big Brother Canada

The biggest shocker tonight was Peter and Liza, their cute little elementary love blooming, keeping the secret from the house and definitely the HOH who Liza is currently getting close with.  Tonight we finally got to see some tv time with Andrew, who answered the phone to receive a secret mission for reward.  He had to celebrate something and make dinner for the whole house, but the catch: it has to taste awful and he must receive a compliment!! Well he did from Tom and the funniest part is Tom really loved it, his comment was genuine!! AND when Andrew admitted it was awful the house guests weren't sure to believe him and laugh or not lol until he pulled out the pizza and beers! Which of course they were all stoked about, especially Talla, who made her parents proud by giving Aneal a lap dance on television.  I must say every episode Gary grows on me more and more, and tonight was another example, his alter straight ego Gerald was hilarious and he played it off well!!

Unfortunately tonight Tom won power of veto reaffirming to Tom and Tom alone, that he is the 'best' player in the game, ha!  As if he doesn't already look like a tool, he goes and pulls Gary off the block and puts up AJ, for no apparent reason, against Suzette Gary was safe.  Already annoyed with their fellow Quattro brother I am sure this move will not appease them.  Because of this move I really want Suzette to survive the block!  We will find out tomorrow night LIVE at 5 pm PST on Slice.

Sweet dreams my friends

xoxo L

The return of all new episodes of Greys Anatomy and Vampire Diaries tomorrow night!

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  1. Omg! You're really blowing me away young Lindsay! This post alone intrigues me & pulls me into the the whole tv show watching! To think THIS is what I've been missing in all these years of being your friend, I have been living under a rock! My goodness my goodness, you are witty & clever & make me laugh out loud! Keep up the amazing work! Xox always, O