Saturday, March 9, 2013

Big Brother Canada Eh

An avid fan of Big Brother for the past 14 seasons, I was excited about Big Brother Canada, a little worried as the Canadian version is usually not as good... Was I right??

A first I thought I was, the first episode seemed lame and the host, let's be honest, she's no Julie Chen.    I, keeping my 3 episode rule, gave this show two more chances and with that I was hooked!  I love and hate each person, and like most reality shows I watch, it changes from episode to episode.  A little shocked at how good the set was, I thought maybe something igloo-ish as that's how most of the world sees most of us Canadians Eh lol.  I can honestly say I am pleasantly surprised with this show and will continue watching and updating all of you.

This week we saw the house guests fight for a new HoH, which Jillian won, have/have not competition and power of Veto, which allowed Gary to pull himself off the block.  Consequently Danielle was put up as a replacement nominee and evicted.  Leaving Aneal another week to fight for his place in the house.  After the live episode on Thursday night, they left us knowing that Tom won HoH.  Now that one of the lamely named 'Quattro' is in power, we know that Alec, Peter and Emmett are safe along with their women counterparts Topaz and Jillian, poor Peter lol, leaving the rest of the house guests to battle it out to stay off the block.  Stay tuned for Sundays episode where the two nominees are revealed... my guess is Suzette and AJ.

Sunday is a busy night for television as new episodes of Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, Revenge, Amazing Race are on and a new ABC show called Red Widow, which is next on my PVR to watch!

See you all on Sunday night, enjoy your weekend!

Xoxo L

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