Friday, May 2, 2014

Fit In 30 Minutes... OKAY!!!

That's right my friends,

You heard me fit in THIRTY minutes, who would've thought.  And this is how it all started...

My bestie, Little Miss Mama, invited me to a session to which she said it was just going to be a consult on eating habits and such, but when we arrived the gym was set up and ready to go for our own personal session.  Tairalyn, Sofia and I had all these plans to go roam Granville Island and spend the day in Vancouver, those went out to window after one of the best workouts I have ever had!

When walked in we were greeted by one of the co-owners Hannah Fletcher, fitness guru at Fit In 30 Minutes downtown, she was so welcoming and so friendly I didn't feel self conscious or afraid at all, okay maybe just a little ;).  This was the cleanest gym I had ever been to and once I found out that we were working out I was excited to learn a new workout.  This became the best workout of my life, this first time I used the TRX band and ab exercises that renewed my faith that in there somewhere there are abs!  She was kind and understanding to our strengths and weaknesses and knew just how far she could push us before we just couldn't move.  The best soreness I have ever had after a workout, even if it hurt to walk for 4 days, it was all worth it.

Fit In 30 Minutes

Now let me tell you a little about Fit in 30 Minutes, it stands up to its name, this is it.  It truly is all you need to get into the best shape you can, 30 minutes a day a few times a week, sign me up!  Clients of the studio do their own cardio prior to meeting with their personal trainer, they schedule an appointment with the personal trainer of their choice, show up for their allotted time slot and workout with that personal trainer for 30 minutes, it's just that easy. And here comes the best part: they even stretch you out at the end of the session, you read me right they stretch YOU.  The perfect ending to the perfect work out.

One of the coolest parts of Fit in 30 Minutes, next to the amazing trainers and gorgeous studio is the back-end of their website.  Those that are clients of Fit in 30 Minutes get to log in and book classes or sessions with their personal trainer 24/7.  So many of us use the excuse that there isn't enough time in the day or I work too late and everything is closed, but not this place, their website is open every minute of every day to schedule in the quickest most productive workout ever.  All it takes is for you to log in, find your favorite class and book your spot with seconds, OR if one-on-one is what you are after then snag a trainer that suits your fancy and block off a time that works for you that they have free. It's literally that easy my friends. I love that Fit in 30 Minutes has not only made having a personal trainer affordable, taken the gym to the online world and made it extra convenient for those of us that require. 

With all this said Tairalyn and I loved our ass-kicking thanks to Hannah at Fit in 30 Minutes. The studio is quaint and felt inspiring and inviting unlike some gyms I've been too. From the stretching to the online reservations, to the serving of chilled lemon and cucumber water for everyone Fit in 30 Minutes did not miss a beat when designing the perfect fitness studio.
Without further ado, here is your chance at winning a $50 credit with Fit in 30 Minutes that will get you well on your way to the beach body you have been dreaming about.   As you all know Little Miss Mama began her lifestyle change this week, well being her bestie what would you do?  That's right, I am right beside her encouraging her all the way oh and I'm doing it with her!  She is the push I needed to stop making excuses and now I couldn't be more excited for one of you to win this, hopefully being the push you never knew you needed to get to a healthier you!! 

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