Wednesday, May 21, 2014

UPDATE: Dukeing It Out With Little Miss Mama

Happy Wednesday My Friends,

Well this past week and a half hasn't been an easy one but Little Miss Mama and I made it through.  A little more of a struggle than I anticipated even though we were able to add veggies into our diet.

Day 15: Cruise Phase, Introducing Veggies

I was pretty shocked at the results of the weigh in, I didn't feel like I had lost any weight at all but my scale doesn't like, well at least I hope it doesn't! I didn't lose many inches which is to be expected when you don't exercise, I know if I put a little more effort into the exercise part I would see higher results which has now become my goal over the next few weeks as I know this will only benefit me.  Today I received the good news that we get to introduce protein & vegetable days!  Yaaay, oh happy day!  I was definitely starting to get sick of only protein day in and day out.  So how does this work?  During the cruise phase you alternate between pure protein days and protein and veggie days.  This breaks up the full protein days which is fantastic and opens up the meal possibilities exponentially.  We will stay in this phase until we have reached our goal weights, which looks to be about another 4-5 months, this is a lifestyle change after all and I am ready for it.

I must admit I fell off the wagon, on day 18 I was cranky, hungry and exhausted after a full day of training at my new job.  I came home and decided to nap, hoping that would help, nope.  It made it worse, so for the sake of my family and my sanity I ate a plain burger patty and a salad in hopes that would satisfy my hunger but it didn't so I had a cookie.  I had 6.  Homemade chocolate chip cookies that had been taunting me for a week but one of the key factors in a diet is being accountable.  Feeling defeated I messaged my bestie Little Miss Mama, without her I wouldn't make it through this.  Trust me when I say this, doing this with someone is the best way to do it!  The best way!  She talked me down from the binge ledge I was hanging on and gave me the support and encouragement I needed!  So what do I do from here?  Of course she offered to get together this weekend find some new recipes and prepare some meals so that we can be successful in this.

Day 22: Cruise, Cruise, Cruise

Well my friends I must say another successful week has come and gone and I am happy with the results.  I lost 2.5 lbs and 1.5 inches on my bust and 3 inches on my hips, I can't believe it!  I didn't expect to lose that much weight or lose any inches as I have not been super active, but I am pleasantly surprised!  I have to give credit to my bestie Tairalyn, without her and her support I don't think I would be this successful, when I am down she picks me up and this is exactly what I and someone needs when making such a change in life.  I am beginning to see some major differences in my upper body, fitting into shirts that were too tight to close and finding my bra's and shirts a little looser!  I don't see the changes day to day but when I look back on the photos I can see the differences, 22 days in and I am down 11 lbs!  I would never have imagined it to be possible but it is!  I must admit that I was a little unsure when Little Miss Mama told me we would be losing at least 10 lbs a month, I didn't believe her at all.  But the Dukan Diet has a rhyme and reason for everything and is turning out to be successful.

Planning; It is a huge HUGE part of this diet, without the planning of weekly meals I would not be successful.  It takes a lot of time but it is worth it in the end, even the cooking til all hours of the night, saves my bacon when I am starving.

A few hidden gems we discovered during the cruise phase, carrot cake muffins, fat free instant pudding and sugar twin.  I should actually be calling these lifesavers because without these I don't think I could keep myself sane without any treats.

Check out these delicious recipes we found and trust me I would eat everything on this list even if I wasn't on this diet!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. You are looking fantastic!!

  2. Keep up the great work! I am cheering you and your besty on!