Friday, July 12, 2013

Holy Big Brother Batman

Hello my friends,

Did you watch last night's shocking LIVE show?!  I did and have been BURSTING at the seams to talk to someone about it!!!!

I was sure it was Elissa's end last night as I didn't think she could pull off the votes to stay, but what do they always say in Big Brother? Expect the unexpected!  And that's exactly what happened.  The Moving Company, which I presume is no more, turned on each other and two of them, Spencer and McCrae, voted to evict Nick saving Elissa.  (I just found out Howard and Spencer split their vote so they could frame someone else).  The look on Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Jeremy's face when Nick was evicted was priceless and we can all see Aaryn was raging inside.
The icing on the cake was when Helen won HoH!  I was even more ecstatic shouting at the t.v. in joy!!  I'm so excited to see what Sunday's episode will be like, while watching my big brother websites throughout the weekend!

Now I'm not usually one to talk about people personally or attack anyone but I am just so fed up with Aaryn.  TMZ reported today (click here starting at 2:00 min) a clip from the big brother live feeds of Aaryn saying more racist comments.  But personally, to me, she was acting like a mean girl and a bully.  She really thinks quite highly of herself and has NO idea what the outside world's opinion of her is, which is low.  In this clip you can see GinaMarie step in and further the racism against Candice, GM is another girl who is a band wagon bully, thinking she is cool by jumping on the Aaryn train ... to unemployment.

Well my friends I will keep you updated throughout the weekend on any new developments!

Enjoy your weekend!
xoxo Lindsay

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