Friday, November 15, 2013

Just when I thought Paris was my favourite...

I came to Nice.  Turquoise water and 20 degree weather in November, YES PLEASE!

Hi My Friends,
I apologize for the delay on my blog post, I have come down with a really bad cold and my brain hasn't been too foggy to be my funny usual self.

I can't even begin to explain how beautiful Nice, France is, this French Riviera city is a must see!
After a loooong day of travelling from Paris and missing our flight, we finally made it to Nice and it was love at first sight!  The turquoise water caught my eye right away and I felt like I was in a dream. We were in Nice and I couldn't wait to see it all!

Our first night was spent relaxing as we had booked a tour for the next day and our travel had been horrible.  We found an amazing bakery, picked up some groceries and headed back to our hotel room to relax and watch our favourite movie, Pretty Women!

The next morning, not knowing what to expect from the tour we had booked, we dressed in our runners and tank tops for a day in the beautiful sun. We made our way to the lobby and outside where we were greeted outside by our tour guide, Guy Alfonsi, who personally gives private tours, excursions and transfers all year round.   Because of the low season we were the only ones on the tour for the morning, which was nice.  We were able to get to know each other as we drove through the west of the Riviera to Cannes.  Guy was able to show us places that a mass touring company could not and we felt comfortable and safe with him.  He is truly is the BEST tour guide Nice and the French Riviera has to offer, he was so knowledgable and patient and took us up and down the French Rivieria with ease.  From Cannes to Monaco, with his friendly demeanour he showed us all the places we would never have seen and some breathtaking hidden Gems.  If you ever go to Nice, contact Guy and book a tour with him, you won't be disappointed.  Kristina and I were not wowed with Monaco as most but were with a small village Eze.  This small medieval village is famous for its beauty and charm so rich in history which exists today with it's cobblestone roadways and buildings.  Propped at the top of a mountain, the view of the sea is impeccable. Of course we needed to find the bathroom and what we stumbled upon could never be expected.
 The most amazing, calming, beautiful view I have, we have, ever seen. 
So instead of touring this little village we decided to relax in the sunshine and treat ourselves to a drink, no matter the cost.  LOL.  Let me tell you, it was the most delicious mojito I have ever had as it should be for 20 euros (30 Canadian dollars).  Yep a jaw dropping price but for a once in a lifetime experience, Priceless.

After an amazing day of touring Guy dropped us off at the entrance to the old city, where Kristina kept saying, once again, how much she loved the old city.  We walked through the old city with all its cafes and little shops hidden throughout the millions of streets and alleys.  Believe me, one could get lost here and spend a lot of money but we found some good finds and the best gnocchi I have ever had!
This leg of our trip was meant to be relaxing so we slept in and didn't start our day until noon the next day, which is very hard for Kristina to do, but she did it and I'm proud of her.  After enjoying the lounge chairs at the pool, we got dressed and took the bus to the old city and walked around buying trinkets and gifts for our friends and families back home.  We ended our trip in Nice with a picnic on the beach that Kristina was dying to have.  The picnic consisted of wine, brie and bread and our ipads so I could write my blog.  We headed back to the hotel room when I saw a rat on the beach and almost ran off screaming!  We then packed up for our next destination; Barcelona!

The only downfall of Nice was our hotel room and hotel location.  We stayed at the Radisson Blu hotel which was located on the other side of the beach.  None of their rooms have air-conditioning during the off season, which at 20-22 degrees each day, makes for a very warm sleep and the rooms definitely need an update.  This hotel charged a lot with receiving a little and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.  Choose something more central if you want beach front.  I hope our stay in Barcelona is a lot nicer!

Barcelona here we come!!

Have a great day my friends!

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