Friday, July 19, 2013

Look What Comes To A Door Near You...

Confused by my excitement? Well then keep reading!

This was first introduced to me by my friend Little Miss Mama, not knowing much about it I took a leap of faith and subscribed to this wonderful little box.  A company based out of Vancouver, BC Canada that strives to provide healthy delicious snacks, as local as possible, to people across Canada, how could you go wrong?  Each month you receive something deliciously different and it gets better and better!  

This month is the best of the best!  A special box picked by Erin Ireland who is a food reporter for CTV, on Shaw TVs Morning Rush and the creator of 'To Die For Banana Bread', all her favorite snacks have been bundled into one amazing box for July!!!

July's box comes with the perfect mixture of sweet and salty, a little something for everyone. The goody I was most excited about was the Organic Lives Chocolate Macaroons, as I was lucky enough to try these delicious chocolaty coco-nutty balls of goodness at little miss mama's mama's house.  These little balls of goodness contain the same amount of antioxidants equal to 2 cups of blueberries!  That's right TWO cups!  And what's great about this box is that it is delicious, nutritious and doesn't tip the scales!  As a television blogger what is the number one thing you need to watch your shows? SNACKS! And Snackbox has has hit the idea jackpot.

Here is a list of the deliciously amazing snacks this box was filled to the brim with:

Chocolate Ginger Cookies from Kitchening & Co., seriously, chocolate and ginger, what a perfect combination for this deliciously sweet and satisfying cookie.
Urge Chocolates this chocolate bar brings the unique taste of dark Belgian chocolate, orange and goji berry together for a tropical party inside your mouth.  You can log onto Urge Chocolates to see the other amazingly crafty chocolate flavors offered by this small local business from British Columbia Canada.
Granola Girl this gluten free, vegan and organic super food goodness is a delicious addition to my morning. On it's own, or with some yogurt this granola will keep you energized throughout the day!  Granola Girl can be found in almost every city and every SaveOnFoods/Price Smart stores in BC and can be ordered online!  What are you waiting for?
Cocolico Pretzel Snack Mix this sweet and salty combination is perfect pairing. You get crunchy goodness from the pretzels with Cocolico's signature Salted Butter Caramel coated nuts mixed in for the sweetness we all crave!

Hippie Snacks Coconut Chips are made with only three ingredients; coconut, sugar and salt. But the only three ingredients for the best all natural chips this side of the border!  These coconut chips are to die for and can be sprinkled on some yogurt or eaten straight out of the bag. Believe me when I say this, you wont be able to just have one, Hippie Snacks hit this one out of the park!
Power Plant Fruit Bar from Power Plant Whole Foods amazingly tasty, this raw, organic, vegan, gluten free and peanut free bar increases digestibility of the vital nutrients your body needs.  This bar is a great morning or after workout body booster!
Rumble Energy Drink 'For Work, Life & Play', this drink is jam packed with 20 grams of proteins and 20 grams of organic carbs and is an excellent source of calcium and fibre.  This gluten free deliciously chilled drink feeds your hunger!  What's even better, Rumble donates 1% of all sales to fighting hunger in our province!
Monkey Butter in Salted Caramel, whoever came up with this idea is a genius!  This delicious pair of peanut butter and salted caramel is the best thing since sliced bread and the kicker: low in sugar, low in sodium, no hydrogenated oils, no preservatives and nothing artificial.  How could you say no to something so delicious?  Swing on over to Monkey Butter's website to see all the flavors in this amazing creation!
Skeet & Ikes certified organic, this trail mix is the perfect hiking snack full of super fruit and nuts ready to boost you when needed.  Check out the different mixes Skeet & Ikes has to offer.
Fresh Is Best Tortilla Chips, locally made, these tortilla chips have a subtle kick to them!  The green chips have a hint of jalapeno and the red chips have a hint of chili sure to kick start any party!  Wiggle on over to Fresh Is Best to see what other local, natural products they have.

Life can get ahead of you and when you become too busy, what is the first thing neglected?Your body, which leads to eating processed, quick and easy snacks.  But that can all change, with Snackbox.  In less than a minute you can sign up for monthly deliveries straight to your door.
Try it now for 50% off your first box (not including shipping) using offer code: OHSOLINDSAY. This code applies to new customers only!  Don't hesitate and order today at Snackbox.
Offer expires August 31, 2013

Enjoy this experience with me!
xoxo Lindsay

*All opinions are my own, I love what stands for, their vision and their goals otherwise I would not share it with you*

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