Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Brother SPOILERS & Veto Wednesday

Hi my friends,

I hope you are all enjoying this fabulous BC weather!

How have you been liking Big Brother 15 thus far?  Have your feelings changed regarding any players?  Are you happy with who has left and who is left?

I'm definitely upset that Aaryn won the HoH, I was yelling at the television when that happened and was so scared to see what she was going to do.  I am very surprised that she kept her word in putting Spencer and Howard up, as per Helen and Elissa's wishes.  Was this a good move for Aaryn?  Yes, because she is proving her trustworthiness and could secure her place in the finals or jury and No, because she has so much power right now and could have made some game changing moves.

The paranoia is running rampant through the Big Brother house as no one knows who the MVP is who keeps nominating all these people.  Unfortunately for Elissa, her name is always number one as she was the MVP for two weeks in a row and the name of the Big Brother Game is lying so many aren't believing her. With this being said, Elissa has a horseshoe up her butt as she is still in the game and after her rude comments to Amanda about a one-piece bathing suit I was surprised to find out that America nominated Amanda to be on the block!  Tonight we will find out who wins the power of veto!  And if either Howard, Spencer or Amanda can save themselves!

On a side note:  I have never seen so many 'house meetings' in one season.  It's like all these people expect to share everything with each other when in reality that is NOT the point of the game and backstabbing is the norm!

Happy Big Brothering!


For those of you uninterested in Big Brother, here's what the tube has to offer tonight:

America's Got Talent LIVE at 5pm-7pm East/ 8-10pm West on NBC
Master Chef at 6pm East/ 9pm West on FOX
Camp at 7pm east/10pm west on NBC (This is a great show! If you haven't seen this yet you need to)

Or else go out and enjoy everything summer has to offer!
Have a great Wednesday!

Xoxo Lindsay

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