Monday, June 3, 2013

Mistresses Monday

Happy Monday My Friends,

The start to another work week.  I hope you are enjoying your day and getting ready for ABC's all new steamy summer drama Mistresses!  You best believe I will be!

What is this show about you ask?!

Do you all remember Samantha, the sweet little tom boy from Who's the Boss?

Well she's all grown up now, not so sweet and is the headliner of this quartet of gal pals in Mistresses.

Based on the British hit series, Mistresses centers around the romantic exploits of a group of very beautiful and successful women living in Los Angeles.  Savi, played by Alyssa Milano, is an attorney trying to conceive a baby with her husband, but also finding herself in a flirtatious relationship with co-workers.  Karen, played by Yunjin Kim, is a therapist who gets caught up in a romantic relationship with one of her patients, who's also married and dying.  April, played by Rochelle Aytes, is a recent widow who's still trying to get over her husband when she discovers a secret he was keeping from her.  And last, but not least, Josslyn, played by Jes Macallan, Savi's free-spirited sister who works in real estate and is a serial dater with no shortage of romantic suitors.  A show that is not only just about infidelity but about the affects it has on relationships and families.
As with most, tonight's pilot is a get-to-know-them episode, showing little peeks into each characters world, setting up for the rest of the season.  So give it the three episode try like I do and let me know what you think!
This salacious new drama hits TV tonight at 7pm EST/ 10pm PST on ABC. 

**@ohsolindsay will be live tweeting tonight at 7pm**

Happy Watching!
xoxo Lindsay

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