Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Begins On Wednesday: Big Brother 16 Premiere

Happy Sunday my friends!

I hope you all enjoyed the glorious sunshine this weekend and the first day of summer!

Well my friends we are 3 exciting days away from the 2 night, 3 hour premiere of Big Brother on June 25th and this year the twists are promised to be bigger and better!

Looks like this may be one of the best seasons yet as two twists were revealed by Julie Chen on the Talk:

Twist #1:  There will be two HOH’s each week which means four people are nominated each week, but wait there’s more… Just because you are the HOH that doesn't mean you’re safe.  A new competition will be introduced this year called ‘Battle of the Block’, where you could still be put on the block if you lose the competition.  More details to come as the Big Brother season begins.
Twist #2:  ‘Team America’ will allow American viewers watching at home to have more power than ever this year.  (This was a huge flop for CBS last year, so if they follow in the steps of Big Brother Canada they might have a fighting chance)

I have read over the bios of each new cast mate and here are my favorites based on those; Joey, Christine, Cody, Devin, Amber, Nichole and Paola (I am hoping no mean girls and no racist comments are made this year, you are on TV 24 hrs people, keep your mouths shut).
One of the most talked about players entering the Big Brother 16 house is Franke Grande, a Youtube sensation and the brother to famous singer Ariana Grande.  Will he keep this a secret?  Will he be recognized? 

We will find out this and more on Wednesday night on CBS!
Have a fabulous week!
I will be live tweeting throughout the first episode, follow me @ohsolindsay

Keep checking back as I will have weekly updates!

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