Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 66 UPDATE & PROMOCODES; Dukeing it Out With Little Miss Mama

Happy Friday My Friends,
After a disastrous Thursday, the last thing I wanted to do was weigh myself this morning.  But I did anyway, with my eyes closed; I looked down at the scale, did a double take and then counted all the little lines to make sure I was correct.  Yup! Down 25lbs in 66 days!  Holy (insert bad words here)!  I have lost a whole two year old, I cannot believe it. 
The first thing I did was pick up the phone and alert Tairalyn right away! And then run downstairs and let my mom know!  These two women have been the biggest support in my journey emotionally, physically, and mentally and I would not be where I am without them.

Naturally, being cut from the same cloth, Tairalyn and I are both down the same amount.  Does this surprise us? Not in the least, as our friendship grows we are finding out just how scarily similar we are and loving every minute of it!  
Is this diet easy?  Yes and no, there are days you want to breakdown and have a Big Mac meal with supersized fries and a Mcflurrie but instead you go to the fridge and have some sugar free low fat pudding and although you might be cursing your new lifestyle a few hours later you are proud of yourself for not giving in.  Let’s be honest some more, I didn’t think I had it in me to change, I didn’t think I or we would stick with it, but once the weight started to slide off I just wanted to keep going as I knew I would be a happier, healthier version of me!  And I most definitely am.  Tairalyn is my rock and when I have a bad day or ‘cheat’ she is the one telling me its okay look how far we come.  I don’t condone cheating on a lifestyle change like this and let me tell you what my cheating has been, veggies on a non-veggie day, or a few extra table spoons of goji berries for some added sweetness to my day. HA, It used to be a whole box of cookies!
This Dukan Diet has opened up so many new and exciting avenues for both Tairalyn and I.  The most exciting is working with, that’s right my friends and fellow #youcandukan ers, you can now order Dukan friendly cookies, noodles, granola and much more and have it delivered to your house!  Yep, success has just gotten a little closer!  When the package arrived Tairalyn and I screamed and laughed in excitement, the things we love the most; cookies, are finally here and made for us!  Now we can sit down and watch our favourite shows Big Brother and Bachelor In Paradise with a cup of skim milk and cookies to dip them in.  The possibilities are endless on the snacks and treats we can now have. 

The amazing people at Dukan Diet have graciously offered us 2 special codes for our readers, giving discounts up to $15 off your orders with them. Awesome right?! Ready to use on either the Canadian or US site, pop on over to now and have a look-see at all they have to offer. Use promocode youcandukan15 to get 15% off $100+ spent online or else youcandukan5 for 5% off orders under $100. Either way it’s a savings in your pocket and you can’t complain about savings!

JOIN US: Okay come’on, we’re on day 66, I know there are a few of you that are lingering on the idea of jumping onboard! What are you waiting for folks? Buy your books {here or here}, plan and pin your favorite recipes from our weight loss journey board {here}, menu plan your attack phase, ensure you visit {promocodes 15% off $100+ youcandukan15, or 5% off $50 youcandukan5}, and reach out to us letting us know you’re making a movement into health and happiness with us.

HASHTAG HANGOUT: Don’t forget to tag your posts with #youcandukan so Tairalyn and I can see the success of all of you, cheering you on along the way with great tips and tricks we have learned as we go.
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Have a safe and happy weekend my friends!


  1. You look amazing! I'm trying to figure out how to follow your blog but it's not letting me :( I guess I'll just have to remember to check back often :)

  2. YAY!!!!! I am so stinken proud of you two.