Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ABC's Fantastic Fall Premiere Lineup

Hi my friends,

We are almost at one of my favourite times of year... Fall!  I love it for the colors, the fresh crisp air, the pumpkin spiced lattes but most of all, T.V.  This is when all the NEW shows and seasons start!  My bank account loves me as I am glued to the T.V. but my anxiety doesn't, as the caffeine is pumping through my veins trying to keep me awake to see it all.

Today I am featuring ABC's fall line-up as part 1 in a 5 part series of all the new and returning shows of the fall.

ABC's Fall Lineup

Monday September 16

Dancing With The Stars
New stars, new dances, new injuries and it all starts at 5pm EST/8pm PST.

Friday September 20

Last Man Standing
Tim Allen is back for a second season making us laugh in this hilarious comedy of a man struggling in a world full of girls. The family fun starts at 5pm EST/8pm PST
+Last Man Standing

The Neighbors
Coming back for a second season, how would you survive these neighbors?  Find out how theirs do at 5:30pm EST/8:30pm PST
+The Neighbors

Shark Tank
The sharks are back and ready to spend their money, What inventions will this season bring us?  The new season starts at September 20th 6pm EST/9pm PST

Monday September 23rd

A show I didn't think would make it past it's first season returns for a 6th season.  Watch as an F.B.I agent and a book writer fall in love while trying to separate business with pleasure at 7pm EST/10pm PST

Tuesday September 24th
This night all brand new series

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 
Merging the world of comics and television in Marvel's first television series.  Agent Coulson provides a human look into the larger-than-life Marvel superhero universe and is back with this elite team.  They are ready to investigate the new, strange and the unknown across the globe.
5pm EST/8pm PST
+Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Goldbergs 
This comedy will take you back, waaaay back to the 80's; the big hair, ugly sweaters (that are now reserved for Christmas parties) and Rick Springfield.  A family like all others except with a lot of yelling, an overbearing mom, a gruff hot tempered dad, and three siblings that couldn't be any different makes this family a family we can all relate to! 6pm EST/9pm PST
+The Goldbergs

Trophy Wife
Do you all know the saying 'third times a charm?'  For party girl Katie, she is hoping that's true as she becomes Pete's third wife!  Pete comes with a lot of baggage, 3 children and two ex-wives, who are still actively present in their lives.  As Katie tries to tap into her inner motherhood she turns to her friends who know less than her when it comes to being a mother or an adult. Find out if Katie has what it takes!  
6:30pm EST/9:30pm PST
+Trophy Wife

Lucky 7
In Queens, a group of seven gas station employees have been chipping into a lottery pool for months and have finally won!  But will willing solve all their problems? Mo Money Mo Problems? 7pm EST/10pm PST
+Lucky 7

Wednesday September 25th

The Middle 
A hilarious comedy about a middle class family who have never moved out of their small town and embracing what life throws at them.  Staring Patrica Heaton and Neil Flynn.
5pm EST/8pm PST
Back In The Game
James Caan is back on television in this dramedy about his daughter and her son moving back in with her estranged father (James Caan).  Against her wishes, her dad signs her son up for little league forcing her back in the game to coach a team of misfits. This dramedy brings together three generations, reconnecting them as one family.
5:30pm EST/8:30pm PST

Modern Family
The best show on Wednesday nights is BACK!  And with a one hour season premiere to boot!! The family we have all welcomed into our home is better than ever and ready to make us laugh our socks off!!!
6pm EST/9pm PST
+Modern Family

This country hit is back for a second season and we couldn't be happier! A mixture of success, lust, love, drama and good ole country music!
7pm EST/10pm PST

Thursday September 26th
Don't call or text me for these two hours

Enough said.
The best medical drama since ER, is back for its 10th season.  Can you believe it?! TEN!  And it keeps getting better and better.  I have been waiting four looooonnng months for Grey's to come back and cannot wait any longer...
5pm EST/8pm PST

Sunday September 29th
Don't call me on Sunday I'm busy!

Once Upon A Time
This season is sure to keep us guessing and inside sources say this season will be divided into two distinct 12 episode batches.  Will they all make it back to Storybrooke or will they be stuck in Neverland?
5pm EST/8pm PST

Revenge is the name of the game and for the Graysons, they are always in the centre of all the drama.  But Emily is not the only after the Graysons, Jack is too.  Now that he knows who the real Amanda is what will he do next?
6pm EST/9pm PST

A family run law firm is turned upside down when their brother in law has been murdered. Sex, lies and betrayal is the name of the game in this family drama.
7pm EST/10pm PST

Wednesday October 2nd

Super Fun Night
Junior attorney Kimmie Boubier (Rebel Wilson) and her two best friends have had a standing Friday night date night for the last 13 years.  As a budding lawyer, her promotion is getting in the way of their date nights, so she suggests Friday Night Fun Night should go on the road in order for her to spend time with a cute new lawyer.
6:30pm EST/9:30pm EST

Thursday October 3rd

All you Gladiators get ready for an epic season premiere, just when you think you know, you have no idea.
7pm EST/10pm PST

Sunday October 6th

Americas Funniest Home Videos
Back for its 8 millionth season! Let the laughs begin at 7pm!

Thursday October 10th

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland 
A spin off from Once Upon A Time, Alice, a beautiful young girl tells a tale of a strange land that exists on the other side of the rabbit hole with an invisible cat and a hookah smoking caterpillar.  Her doctors think she is insane and must seek treatment to cure her.  Alice agrees as she wants to put all this 'craziness' behind her but just in the nick of time the sardonic Knave of Hearts and the impressible White Rabbit arrive to save her from this doomed fate.  Check out this sweet fairy-tale come to life every Thursday night at 5pm EST/8pm PST

Don't forget this is part 1 of a 5 part series in which I will be featuring the new and returning shows for each network for this season!  Following those posts I will have a printable television schedule available for all of you!  If you see that I have missed something please let me know!

Happy Wednesday My Friends!