Thursday, November 7, 2013

J'Adore Euro Disney eh Paris

Bonjour Mes Amis,

Yes, I am picking up the language quite well! Bonjour and Merci is about the extent of it lol.  And before I continue to write, the eh in my title is a play on words because I am Canadian and we say eh a lot!

I write this blog to you from the beach as Kristina wanted to venture down at night and watch the waves and planes take off!  A beautiful sight from right outside our hotel in Nice.

We spent a whole week in Paris and it still wasn't enough time to see all the museums and famous landmarks that the city has to offer! If you are planning on going to Paris and seeing everything in one trip that may be impossible, as so much detail is in each place that you will spend more time than you think and if you plan too long of a trip you will get sick of the rude Parisians that inhabit the city.  

Paris in itself is amazing, the Eiffel Tower should be on everyone's bucket list! We bought tickets to the top and the views of the city are magnifique, it truly takes your breath away!  Another favourite on our list was the Garnier L'Opera House (see our fun pictures below) it is beyond beautiful inside with all the details in every crevasse of the building and home to famous ballets, operas and more!  We then toured the city of Paris by foot yep bring your most comfortable shoes as I now need a foot transplant!  And we lucked out on weather with the sun beating down on us every moment for the first few days!  Our last day in the city of Paris before moving onto Disney, was spent shopping, where I purchased my first Louis Vuitton with the support and encouragement of Kristina! 

We then headed to our hotel right by Disneyland, Val D'Elysees.  This is the perfect hotel for Disneyland as it is located right by the train station and a HUGE mall and outlet mall (now we're talking).  The staff there were friendly and helpful and stored our bags as our room wasn't ready when we arrived.  We then proceeded on the free shuttle to Disney.  Kristina and I were like little kids again so excited to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse and go on all the rides! (Check out the pictures below) We booked our tickets online so we wouldn't have to wait in any lines, which there weren't any.  In fact there were no lineups at all the whole two days we were there, our maximum wait was 5 minutes for each ride which allowed us to enjoy every single ride the park has to offer.  We started with Space Mountain which I was so excited about and Kristina, well she yelled at me the whole time and came off looking like a ghost.  But she was a trooper and went on every single ride with me except the Aerosmith Roller Coaster, which was okay with me!  Euro Disney was a blast and I am pretty sure I bought the place out.  We were lucky we went during the slow season, right in between Halloween and Christmas, and I would highly recommend anyone going to any Disney park to choose a time when it's the low season, it's worth it!  Also you need at least two days to do the parks, as there is two and if you have kidlets, they will wear our fast! Euro Disney was a great experience and everyone at the park was friendly and helpful and loved talking to us Canadians.  We were even told to audition for casting roles, ie princesses etc.  lol could you picture that?!! Lol lol, me hopping around the park singing? well okay maybe it would fit.

Our next stop is Nice and my sneak peak for you all that it is amazing, beyond belief.

Bonne journee mes amis!

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If you plan on visiting Paris a few things to note: Buy your tickets online for everything first and take the bus or train everywhere.  There were huge lineups for all the museums and exhibits but the option to buy online for reserved tickets is the same price so I highly recommend it!   Paris is a busy city and the traffic is insane as people stop whenever and where ever they like, so I suggest bus and train everywhere, even to the airport as our shuttle took us over three hours and we missed our flight! Lesson learned.

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  1. Hi Lindsay, so great to meet you last night! Love your blog- it's so funny- and you've given us some great ideas of places to explore in Paris. Enjoy the rest of your time in Europe!