Monday, September 16, 2013

Fox's All New Fall Schedule Starts TONIGHT!!!!

Fox hits the ground running with the Season Premiere of Bones and the Series Premiere of Sleepy Hollow tonight on fox!

Fox Fall Television Schedule

Bones Mondays
After years of wanting Bones and Booth together, us viewers have been elated as Bones and Booth create a life together with their little girl Christine.  Bones is someone who never believed in getting married, being a mom, just staying the course and keep her thriving career going was all she had envisioned for herself, but now, she wants to get married and be with Booth for the rest of her life and he feels the same way.  At the end of the season we left Booth telling Bones he doesn’t think they should be married that it’s not the right time, leaving Bones heartbroken.  Bones doesn’t know the real reason why he has changed his mind, and it’s to save his family.  Pelant, a career criminal who has duped the FBI and the Jeffersonian over and over again, threatened Booth’s family if he decided to go through with marrying Bones.  What will this season bring us?  Can Bones and Booth get through this?  Will they ever catch Pelant?  It all starts September 16th at 5pm EST/8pm PST.

Sleepy Hollow Mondays
This new series focuses on the infamous Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman, once played by Johnny Depp!  A show that I didn’t think was going to be very good, has intrigued me!  I will definitely be putting this on my list of new shows to watch.
Ichabod Crane is back, but this time he is in present day where things are much different the two and a half centuries ago.    Revived along side of Ichabod is the infamous headless horseman who is on a murderous rampage, but for Ichabod, he realizes stopping the headless horseman is the tip of the iceberg as the resurrected horsemen is the first of four horsement of the apocalypse.  Ichabod teams up with Lt. Abbie Mills, who has her own supernatural experiences, and they embark to stop the evil that has awoken in the once sleepy town.  Ichabod’s first-hand knowledge of American history, coupled with Abbie’s profiling and threat assessment skills makes them an intimidating duo.
Let me tell you, the commercials don’t do this show justice; it has a lot of potential!  Don’t miss the series premiere September 16th at 6pm EST/9pm PST.

Dads Tuesdays
Eli (Seth Green) is a stoner and Warner (Giovanni Ribisi) has a family but these two successful childhood friends turned business partners are now facing another of life’s hurdles, their Dads are moving in with them.   Now their lives have been turned upside down with the invasion of their dads, find out if these two can survive living with their dads again.  It all starts September 17 at 5pm EST/8pm PST.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Tuesdays
A hilarious new comedy surrounding the officers of the 99th precinct who have worked with a lack of rules and regulations for so long they forgot what it’s like, until they get a new captain.  Will these officers be able to work under strict rules?  Guess we are about to find out!  This hilarious cast stars Andy Samburg, Andre Braugher, and Terry Crews, will keep you laughing every Tuesday night!  This new ‘cop’ comedy starts September 17 at 530pm EST/830pm PST

New Girl Tuesdays
Its back my friends!  An all-new season an all new girl!  This hit comedy left us gleefully happy that Jess and Nick finally decided to take their relationship to the next level.  What can we expect this season?  Jess and Nick are going all-in, Schmidt can’t decide between Cece and Elizabeth and Winston reconnects with coach and bringing him back to the loft when one of them moves out.  Don’t miss out on this exciting season of New Girl September 17th at 6pm EST/9pm PST.

The Mindy Project Tuesdays
Our favourite OB/GYN is back balancing her personal and professional life with her quirky office coworkers.  September 17th at 6:30pmEST/9:30pm PST.

X-Factor Wednesdays & Thursdays
Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio join Demi and Simon as judges this season!  The competition starts September 11th at 5pm EST/8pm PST.

Masterchef Junior Fridays
Move over grown-ups, the kids are taking over the kitchen!  Watch these culinary geniuses September 27th at 5pm EST/8pm PST.

Comedy Sundays are back with four favourite animated families and it all starts September 29th!

Looking for a full schedule of the fall television premieres and new shows click here and you can download my customized television schedule!

Happy Watching My Friends!

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