Sunday, August 11, 2013

Little Miss Mama is Turning Oh So 30!

Have you heard of my friend Little Miss Mama?!  Well here she is:

And I would like to wish her a HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Little Miss Mama and I go waaaaay waaaaay back to when side pony tails were cool, slouchy socks were all the rage and Vanilla Ice's 'Ice, Ice Baby' was playing on everyone's cassette players (yes I said cassette)!  Although we lost touch for awhile it's like we never missed a beat; two peas in a pod you could say, I mean how many of you out there lick your chips before eating them?!  I only know one other person who doesn't look at me weird when I say that and it's her!

This friend has blossomed into an amazing wife, mother, fashionista and blogger.  Little Miss Mama is a Jill of all trades and this fashionista mama should be on your weekly, if not daily, read.  She has so many mama tips, life tips, recipes, diy projects, the latest fashion trends, giveaways and the list goes on and on, so go check her out already!

Right now she has an amazing giveaway going on you should check out.  Have you heard of yoga jeans?  They are the best jeans ever, they stretch, come in low, mid and high rise (to keep us all sucked in) and they come in a wide variety of colours to fit your style needs!  These jeans are like cashmere on your legs, the softest jeans ever and you must try them!!  Head on over to Little Miss Mama and enter to win a pair of these jeans, a $200 value!

Happy Birthday to an amazingly beautiful friend inside and out!

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