Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ok... Here It Is... The Big Brother 15 Cast!!

From top left to right, we have Elissa (27), Aaryn (22), Andy (26), David (25), GinaMarie (32), Jeremy (23), Howard (29), Helen (37), Nick (28), Amanda (28), Spencer (31), Jessie (25), Kaitlin (23), Judd (26),  Candice (29), and McCrae (23).

There they are your Big Brother 15 cast!!!! What do you think?  What are your predictions?

Well, first off I have to say I can't wait!  Three nights a week, yaaay finally TV will be back to it's former summer glory, I have missed this show and this will fill my heart, blog, twitter and facebook for the rest of the summer!

I have read each persons strategy (click here) and I predict that Elissa will be the first to go!  Shes seems like she is going to hit the ground running and most people wont like that!  I also feel like Helen doesn't have a chance as shes the oldest of the women and I don't think she will mesh well with the younger, less mature women.  As for the men, there is great potential for showmances and bromances as it looks like there are many alpha males!  David's laid back style and personality will do well for him in this gamel, Jeremy might try too hard and I think Spencer will be the lovable teddy bear funny man who will stick around for awhile!  But please don't hold me to this as I the season has just begun!

Want to join in on the fun?  Head to CBS now  Click here  to cast your vote for the first MVP of the season based on their strategies!!!  I predict this may determine the first HoH so go and vote!

This is sure to be a season not to miss!  Tune in for the Season Premiere on June 26th at 5pm EST/8pm PST on CBS

Stay tuned to Oh So Lindsay, as I will have the latest and greatest for Big Brother 15!

xoxo Lindsay

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