Thursday, April 30, 2015

Season Finale Time, Who Else Is As Sad As Me?

Happy Thursday my friends,

It’s that time of year again when our favorite shows end and we are forced to go outside and enjoy that bright, hot circle in the sky, that is referred to as the sun.

Mark your calendars my friends as May is going to be jam packed full of season finales!
Below is the list of season finales, so stock up that fridge, and get your snacks ready to enjoy the rides these finales will put you through!

And be sure to come back soon for the shows that will keep us entertained this summer!

Have a great weekend my friends!

xoxo Lindsay


First and foremost we sadly say good-bye to the great late night host, David Letterman and the Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday May 20th @ 11:30pm, on CBS.  It's an end of an era my friends.

Thursday, April 30
Backstrom (Season 1 finale, 9pm, Fox)
Mom (Season 2 finale, 9:30pm, CBS)

Friday, May 1
Blue Bloods (Season 5 finale, 10pm, CBS)

Sunday, May 3
Madam Secretary (Season 1 finale, 8pm, CBS)
Secrets and Lies (Season 1 finale, 9pm, ABC)

Monday, May 4
Gotham (Season 1 finale, 8pm, Fox)

Tuesday, May 5
New Girl (Season 4 finale, 9pm, Fox)
Weird Loners (Season 1 finale, 9:30pm, Fox)
Person of Interest (Season 4 finale, 10pm, CBS)
Forever (Season 1 finale, 10pm, ABC)

Wednesday, May 6
Criminal Minds (Season 10 finale, 9pm, CBS)

Thursday, May 7
The Big Bang Theory (Season 8 finale, 8pm, CBS)
Dig (Miniseries finale, 10pm, USA)

Friday, May 8
Hawaii Five-0 (Two-hour Season 5 finale, 9pm, CBS)

Sunday, May 10
Once Upon a Time (Season 4 finale, 8pm, ABC)
The Good Wife (Season 6 finale, 9pm, CBS)
Revenge (Season 4 finale, 10pm, ABC)

Monday, May 11
The Originals (Season 2 finale, 8pm, The CW)
Jane the Virgin (Season 1 finale, 9pm, The CW)
Castle (Season 7 finale, 10pm, ABC)

Tuesday, May 12
NCIS (Season 12 finale, 8pm, CBS)
NCIS: New Orleans (Season 1 finale, 9pm, CBS)
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 2 finale, 9pm, ABC)
American Idol (Season 14 finale Part 1, 9pm, Fox)

Wednesday, May 13
American Idol (Season 14 finale Part 2, 8pm, Fox)
Arrow (Season 3 finale, 8pm, The CW)
The Middle (Season 6 finale, 8pm, ABC)
The Goldbergs (Season 2 finale, 8:30pm, ABC)
CSI: Cyber (Two-hour Season 1 finale, 9pm, CBS)
Nashville (Season 3 finale, 10pm, ABC)

Thursday, May 14
The Vampire Diaries (Season 6 finale, 8pm, The CW)
The Odd Couple (One-hour Season 1 finale, 8:30pm, CBS)
Reign (Season 2 finale, 9pm, The CW)
For those who are still watching Grey's Anatomy (Season 11 finale, 8pm, ABC)
Scandal (Season 4 finale, 9pm, ABC)
American Crime (Season 1 finale, 10pm, ABC)
Elementary (Season 3 finale, 10pm, CBS)

Friday, May 15
The Amazing Race (Season 26 finale, 8pm, CBS)

Saturday, May 16
Saturday Night Live (Season 40 finale with Louis C.K. hosting, 11:30pm, NBC)

Sunday, May 17
The Simpsons (Season 26 finale, 8pm, Fox)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 2 finale, 8:30pm, Fox)
Family Guy (Season 13 finale, 9pm, Fox)
Mad Men (Series finale, 10pm, AMC)

Monday, May 18
The Following (Two-hour Season 3 finale, 8pm, Fox)
2 Broke Girls (Season 4 finale, 8pm, CBS)
Dancing With the Stars (Season 20 finale Part 1, 8pm, ABC)
Mike & Molly (Season 5 finale, 8:30pm, CBS)
Stalker (Season 1 finale, 9pm, CBS)**
**Stalker returns from hiatus and moves to Mondays beginning May 4.
NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 6 finale, 10pm, CBS)

Tuesday, May 19
The Flash (Season 1 finale, 8pm, The CW)
Dancing With the Stars (Season 20 finale Part 2, 9pm, ABC)

Wednesday, May 20
Survivor (Two-hour Season 30 finale, 8pm, followed by the typical reunion special at 9pm, CBS)
Supernatural (Season 10 finale, 9pm, The CW)
Modern Family (Season 6 finale, 9pm, ABC)
Black-ish (Season 1 finale, 9:30pm, ABC)

Sunday, May 24
Battle Creek (Season 1 finale, 10pm, CBS)

Thursday, June 4
Bones (Season 10 finale, 8pm, Fox)

Friday, June 5
Bitten (Season 2 finale, 8pm, Syfy)
Lost Girl (Season 5A finale, 10pm, Syfy)

Tuesday, June 9
Hell's Kitchen (Season 14 finale, 9pm, Fox)

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