Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Lips

Happy New Year my friends,

Don't worry I am not talking about the duck lips botox look!  I am talking about the DIY lip scrubs Little Miss Mama and I decided to do on a rainy day in Vancouver.

As you can see I am quite amazing at scrubbing my lips lol.  None the less, it worked and my lips felt amazing after.  I must admit I have always felt all these DIY projects very daunting 1. because I am not creative and 2. because they usually have 15 steps and you end up with a fail or at least I do, because I am not creatively inclined at all.  But when this duo gets together something good is always produced and lets be honest, it's always Little Miss Mama's creations.

Results: Sugar is better than coffee. Why?
The sugar granuals were smaller and proved to be better to scrub your lips with and a smoother result, whereas the coffee grinds were a little too big to be effective but I think if you ground them up smaller they would be more effective.

What I liked: It was quick, simple and effective.
It takes 3 (only, I know!) ingredients, 2 minutes to mix , 1 min to scrub and BAM you're done!  You walk away with your lips feeling smooth, soft and refreshed!  A great way to start the day and new year off.

Give it a try and have a great day!


  1. Love that you and Taira did this together! (I'm her cousin in law hehehe)

  2. Thank Jenny B for taking a look at my blog, hope to see you here more!!

  3. I just tried this and my lips feel a lot softer and smoother!